Secure File transfer (with PGP) for iSeries

When you transfer data outside your organisation, the risks to it increase.  File Transfer Manager comes with many options to secure that data, including PGP.

Protect Data In Motion

Once your data is in motion, outside your firewall, it is vulnerable unless you take extra steps to secure it. Townsend Security, our partner, has products that can secure your transmissions and keep your data safe, wherever in the world it ends up, even in the hands of data thieves...


Alliance FTP Manager

Alliance FTP Manager is an Enterprise solution for IBM System i (a.k.a. AS/400, iSeries, i5) FTP and Secure FTP that automates the tasks involved with exchanging database files, IFS files, and spool files between your System i and remote systems. 

For example, you can monitor libraries or folders and automatically FTP new arrivals based on your own defined rules.  No programming required.

If your trading partner is security-minded, they may suggest or require PGP encryption.  With this product, you can automatically PGP encrypt and exchange System i files with a remote system on demand, on a scheduled basis, from interactive panels, or under program control.  Your data never leaves your system unencrypted, and you have the assurance of the industry standard for data sharing protecting your valuable information.