We offer a full range of IT consultancy services, including bespoke software development & ERP deployment.

Effective, successful organisations need high levels of expertise in many different complex technical areas.  However, it is just not practical to keep permanent staff on-hand with every specialty necessary because of escalating costs, and fluctuating business conditions and requirements.  The trend towards supplementing in-house staff is reinforced by the need for specialists with ever-changing skills in an increasing number of subject areas.

Most organisations reach a point at some time when they realise that they could be doing things more efficiently and cost effectively.  One or more processes in the business is not functioning as required to meet their performance objectives.  Identifying and accepting that they have a problem is the first step towards a solution but they may not have the necessary skillset or resources within the organisation to develop an effective solution.  This is where the timely use of suitably qualified consultants can deliver real measurable benefits.

Millennium Software staff have many years of experience of business and manufacturing processes and systems across a number of sectors in Ireland and internationally.  Our team of experienced systems professionals can minimise risk during times of change and we offer a full range of services including;

  • Developing  IT Strategy
  • Systems Selection – Hardware and Software
  • Process Mapping and Analysis
  • End-to-End Systems Development
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Systems Integration – Enterprise  and Execution Levels
  • IT Audit Services
  • Managing Change – Training & Support
  • Project Management
  • Post Project Review

At Millennium Software, quality is emphasised in everything we do, and we are committed to helping our clients make the best business decisions.  We listen carefully to our clients to gain a clear understanding of their business objectives, challenges, culture and people.