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  • Custom Software

    Solutions designed to integrate with your business, your systems.   Our aims : the solution you want, right first time, right every time.

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  • Right First Time

    Right first time, right every time.

    Our Quality Management System works from project inception, to delivery and beyond, to create the right solution for your business.

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  • Bridging Gaps

    We excel at bridging gaps - between legacy and new applications, between disparate systems, between old and new technologies.  We can provide you with a total solution.

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  • Secure Systems

    Secure systems are possible. 

    We work with industry leaders to bring you the best in encryption and tokenization systems.

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  • Future Proof

    We offer the best in application modernisation technology, so your legacy applications can serve your business today, tomorrow and into the future.

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Who we are

Millennium Software is an Irish software company, established in 1992, with an international reputation, innovative, forward thinking, with the principle of "right first time, every time" at the heart of our mission.


What We do

We can provide a complete end-to-end service to meet your needs. We supply:

  • Custom Software Development (bespoke software)

    • Microsoft .NET development platform and web based applications
    • Wintel platforms
    • AS/400 and iSeries, i5, IBM System i ™ (RPG, LANSA)
    • All leading databases, including SQL Server™, Oracle™, and DB2™

We can help with every aspect of custom software development, from analysing your requirements, through design and development, to user training and support. For end-to-end total solutions, contact Millennium Software.


  • Validation Support and Testing

    • GMP Expertise
    • GAMP, cGMP, and Annex 11
    • Risk-based approach, adaptable to your needs
    • Lean Validation
    • All Validation Deliverables - including VP, IQ, OQ, PQ
    • Thorough, well documented testing by an experienced team

We can help with your Computer Systems Validation requirements, supplementing your own staff or taking on all the responsibilities as required.


  • A range of Services, such as:

    • Testing
    • Project Management
    • Systems Integration
    • Application Modernisation

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Who we work for

We work with small, medium, and large organisations, notably in the Pharmaceuticals sector, to help them optimise their businesses. If you're considering custom software development to gain a competitive advantage, to streamline your processes, or just want to know how software systems can help your business, then contact us.

We can work with you doing anything from designing a smart spreadsheet to a multi-year ERP project. All projects get our high-quality focus and attention to detail.

In the Pharma sector, we can help out with Validation support, to get compliant systems implemented faster.

And if finance is ever an issue, which it often is for SMEs, you can now lease our hardware and software solutions (even custom software) over 3 to 5 years, with a 2-day turnaround on decisions. No runaround, minimal paperwork, fast access to the finance you need to get the solutions you need, right now. Just contact us to discuss your options. We can also provide some of our products on a subscription basis, so you can pay as you go, freeing capital for other projects. Either way, don't let finance hold you and your business back.



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