Encryption Key Management

Encryption Key management is key to getting Encryption right.  Easily meet Encryption Key Management Compliance Requirements such as PCI-DSS with the Alliance Key manager.

Essentially, the only way of doing encryption safely is to use a rigorously tested encryption algorithm in the public domain, such as AES. But this means that the only "secret" thing is your encryption key. So hackers don't try to break your encryption - they try to steal your keys...

It's like locking up your house - You don't want to put the key where it can be easily found and stolen.

That's why Encryption Key Management has become the focus of so much attention in recent times.

A recent Verizon PCI Compliance Report (PCIR) tells us that "about 42 percent of organizations have trouble implementing a proper encryption key management strategy to keep information safe." In fact, experts say that good encryption key management is becoming more important than encryption itself. Proper encryption key management is also a requirement for PCI-DSS compliance. PCI Auditors are scrutinising how organisations manage keys in response to evolving (tightening) regulations.

We can offer a solution - the Alliance Key Manager, a NIST-certified appliance that can manage your keys in compliance with regulations like PCI-DSS, and EU Commission Regulation No. 611/2013.


Alliance Key Manager

Enterprise-wide symmetric encryption key management

Alliance Key Manager is a FIPS 140-2 certified, KMIP compliant Enterprise symmetric key and RSA key management appliance that creates, manages, and distributes encryption keys for any application or database running on any Enterprise operating system. With Alliance Key Manager you can deploy a scalable, resilient, and high performance key management solution to meet compliance regulations like PCI-DSS and ensure data security.

The AKM is available as a physical device, a HSM, or for those who need it, perhaps for a cloud deployment, it can also be supplied as a VMware image, or deployed as an AWS AMI or Azure Virtual Machine image.

The AKM will support any development environment. Windows, Linux, C#, Java, and PHP are among the environments used by our clients.  Any database you want to use will work.  

And many integrations are available (free) to support SQL Server and MongoDB EKM (TDE) and Drupal key management, for example.  KMIP support is provided.


Free trial available:

We can quickly organise a free trial, delivered as a VMware appliance with full functionality, so you can test the AKM in your own environment.  Don't use VMware? No problem - this will run under the free VMware player...

Contact us to arrange your free trial

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