Encryption & Security

Data gets out!

It is becoming more important than ever to consider the costs and consequences of a data breach, as we regularly hear of  thousands, and sometimes millions, of customer and patient records compromised by loss or theft.  The average cost of a data breach is estimated by some sources to be at least EUR 2M (and up to EUR 6M perhaps), and the reputational damage can be severe.  Think of the data breach at Target - the cost of replacing the affected credit cards alone is expected to be over USD 200M.  The eventual costs will exceed a Billion USD.

Fines from regulators, bad publicity, customer loss, the costs of investigations, all make this a very expensive and unpleasant experience.  If your data is ever lost or stolen, you'll really want it to be encrypted...

And for those processing credit cards, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is accelerating the search for solutions.

Millennium Software sought industry-leading partners in this area, as we have seen the need for Organisations of all sizes to increase their efforts to match the growing levels of danger to their data, and ultimately, their businesses. 

Accordingly, Millennium Software has forged an alliance with Townsend Security (TS) to promote its encryption products, and is the TS agent for Ireland, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and other EMEA countries.

Townsend Security are leaders in the development of NIST-certified products to secure data at rest and in motion.


We have also partnered with Snoopwall Inc., to help secure our clients from evolving internal and external threats. 


There is a range of products, and optionally services, to help you keep your data secure.

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